What IS Blood Bash?


Blood Bash is a horror spinoff of MeggaXP (Michigan's Entertainment, Gaming, Geek and Arts Experience) designed to bring the lovers of gore and horror together to celebrate all things gruesome!  We have brought together tons of artists, vendors, and exhibitors from the world of horror, paranormal, gothic, and more to celebrate their love for all things bizarre and creepy!


Why is Blood Bash in February?


It's Michigan, what ELSE are you doing in February??? In addition to the general lack of things going on around Jackson, Blood Bash also takes place during one of the traditional Valentine's weekends - - - and we figured we'd give the lovers of horror movies a REAL way to celebrate!


Where is Blood Bash?


Blood Bash, like MeggaXP, is being held at the Commonwealth Commerce Center in downtown Jackson, Michigan.  The address of the Commonwealtlh building is 209 Washington Avenue, Jackson, MI 49203!


Where do I go in at?


We have TWO entrances for Blood Bash - - - the Francis Street entrance and the Washington Ave entrance. You can go in at either of those locations. The Washington Avenue entrance leads you right to the ballroom where most of our artists, vendors, and celebrities will be.  The Francis Street entrance leads you to the main exhibitor hall and closest to the Gaming Exhibit.


How much does Blood Bash cost?


Ticket information can be found on our Tickets page.


Is Blood Bash family friendly?


Depends on the family.  Unlike MeggaXP, which is a VERY family friendly event - Blood Bash is going to be full of scary costumes, cheesy and vulgar movies, scantily clad people potentially, and ALCOHOL will be served ALL day.


Wait...there will be alcohol all day?


Yes! Blood Bash is a completely seperate monster than MeggaXP, and the Commonwealth Building will be serving drinks all day for our guests to enjoy!  Upon entering, your ID will be checked and you will be given a particular wristband if you plan on drinking.


What hours will Blood Bash be open?


Blood Bash officially runs from 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM.  The vendor room will be open from 10:00 AM til 5:00 PM, however.  The horror film marathon and gaming exhibits will be open until 1:00 AM.  As soon as the vendor alley clears out, the Grand Ballroom will be converted to the My Bloody Valentine Dinner & Concert hall, and will open back up to the public at 7:00.  In the meantime, our guests are encouraged to check out the horror movies and gaming exhibits in the building.


Where can we stay in Jackson?


Experience Jackson, one of MeggaXP's primary sponsors, has a list of all of the Jackson hotels that will be available for you to stay at.  Visit the link!


Who do I contact if I want to setup or if I have more questions?


If you want to be a vendor at Blood Bash - please go to and fill out an application.  All questions can be emailed to